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Gravid is designed for shrimp reproduction and supports berried females and egg development.   It is still a complete meal on its own however it has a higher protein content for its intended purpose.


More about the Product

Tima paste is a new and innovative shrimp food product.   The paste itself is made of fresh and simple ingredients that slowly dissolves in the water column which provides the shrimp, babies, and microfauna in the tank with complete nutrition.   You can roll the paste into balls so that the larger shrimp start eating it first and while it slowly dissolves the rest of the tank gets its share.

This product can be safely used to feed shrimp as a staple food without worrying about excess waste lowering the water quality in the tank.   In fact we noticed that shrimp activity is higher the day after feeding.   This can be explained by the purity of the ingredients used (no fillers or binders) and its freshness, creating the most bioavailable and safe food for your shrimp and aquarium habitat.   Any uneaten food will be quickly assimilated by the micro fauna in the tank.



A feeding tray is recommended only if you have medium to large grain substrate.  1 dosing spoon a day for 10-15 shrimp.  Any excess food will slowly dissolve into the water on its own anyways after an hour or two, depending on how much water flow is in the area.



Fish and fish by-products, cereals, vegetable by-products yeast, molluscs and crustaceans, algae


Size:  35g

Made in Germany


Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 5 cm

1 review for Tima Paste Gravid

  1. Tang

    Work as good as the powder, but I use this if the tank has lots of adults, they finish it in no time!

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