Micro Powder+

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This is a highly nutritious powder mixture that is great for shrimp to enhance all stages of growth and reproduction.   No need to shop around for different types of powders, this one is fully integrated and is Shrimptopia approved for breeders who want to keep their feeding regimen simple but highly effective.   Powders have the advantage of ensuring that every shrimp gets fed adequately in the tank, and this unique blend doesn’t pollute the tank easily as all the nutrients are readily absorbed.

Ingredients:   Fine animal and plant proteins, Water Soluble vitamins, Trace Elements, Seaweed extract, Mineral Calcium Block, Antarctic Shrimp Powder, Eel powder, Squid, Meat Powder, Fine Flour, Wheat starch, Yeast, Enzymes.

Instructions:   Add one half a teaspoon (provided in the package) for every 20 gallons twice a week (Less than 30 shrimp).   One full teaspoon if you have more than 40 shrimp.   Alternate feeding days with Shrimptopia Vitamin Powder + for maximum nutrition and effectiveness.

Size: 30g

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm


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