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Shrimptopia GH+ Remineralizer is enriched with many different kinds of minerals and trace elements that creates superb water parameters for freshwater shrimp.  A lot of people ask us what we use in our tanks, and the answer is simple.. just look for the Shrimptopia label on the product.

Creating the perfect environment for shrimp starts by using two key elements:  the purest water you can make (pure RO or distilled) mixed with a high quality remineralizer.   Over the years we found that although the extra liquid additives available on the market are helpful, they aren’t really necessary if your remineralizer is of the highest quality and you are using pure water.

Key Benefits

  • Best way to enhance shrimp colouration and shell texture
  • Enhances shrimp appetite and breeding
  • Promotes consistent algae, moss, and general plant growth
  • Promotes healthy microorganism and bacteria levels in the tank

We stand by our brand because we want to make shrimping simple and fun and help you experience the satisfaction of keeping highly active, breeding shrimp.


1ml of remineralizer for every 10ml of pure RO water raises GH by 0.8.

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 14.5 × 4 × 4 cm

125ml, 500ml


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