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Shrimp Dinner is a well-balanced daily main food for your ornamental shrimp containing all the important nutrients, vital substances and natural vitamins they need for healthy development, successful molts, growth, brilliant colours and high reproductive rates.  We prefer to use the hard pads because it minimizes water pollution and it is targeted for the adults.  It is also much easier to remove from the tank after feeding time.

The ingredients of Shrimp Dinner are 100% natural.

For a complete description of each ingredient including their benefits, click on the following link: Product Details


Chlorella algae, protein extracts of vegetable origin, squid, fennel, yeast extract, Asian cabbage, amino acids, algae extracts, lecithin, mustard seed

Analytical Constituents

Pads/Gran: 33.1% crude protein, 2.3% crude fat, 8.3% raw fiber, 8.9% crude ash, 6.9% moisture
Pearls: 23.17% crude protein, 1.61% crude fat, 5.81% raw fiber, 6.23% crude ash, 4.83% moisture

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