Aqualex Natural Planaria Remover

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Aqualex Natural Planaria Remover (formerly Z-1, this is the premium edition) is made from plant extract that can eradicate Planaria and Hydra quickly. It will not impact water quality or the nitrifying system.  It is also harmless to fish, shrimp and plants when the proper dosage is applied.


When planaria and hydra are killed their left-over debris will make the water cloudy.  We recommend a 50% water change to clear up the cloudiness after the first cycle of treatment.


Ornamental snails may get wiped out. Please remove them before the treatment.



  • There is measuring spoon inside, add 2 spoons in 50L of water.  Note: We highly recommend you dissolve the powder in a container of tank water before adding it to the aquarium to avoid clumping as undissolved clumps are dangerous if eaten directly.
  • It will take a week for a treatment cycle. Do not change water during the cycle.
  • If there are Planaria or Hydra that remain after initial treatment, please redo the cycle.
  • Stop the treatment when all Planaria and Hydra have been removed.

Size:  10g

Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm


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