B18 Power Protein (Tablets)

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B18 POWER PROTEIN is a concentrated power protein food.

B18 Power Protein contains enhancing agents specifically designed to promote shrimp fertility. t will improve the female reproductive cycle and it also makes the males more fertile.   This food will definitely spark some activity in your tank!


Lactic acid bacteria, crustaceans calcium, reduced maltose, mulberry powder, yeast


Be careful, this product is very concentrated, don’t feed more than shrimps can eat in 1-2 hours.

Try a small quantity at first and slowly increase with the next feeding. It quickly disintegrates to powder which is useful for feeding baby shrimp too.

Feed 1-3 times per week

Size: 50 Tablets per bottle

Additional information

Weight 34 g
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm


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